Crib to Coop

_DSC0010The chickens have a new crib. Like, literally.

These photos were actually taken two weeks ago, so the ladies have changed and grown into awkward teenagers since then, but when these were taken they were at least big enough to have outgrown their cardboard box condo in the kitchen.IMAG0117

Nate had the brilliant idea to repurpose Alistair’s old crib into a temporary coop for the littles until they are the same size as the bigs and we can officially merge the flock.

He wrapped the crib in chicken wire and put a removable screen over the top. The crib is now in the garage over a cardboard bottom covered in pine shavings. There is even a roost, which they recently figured out and actually even sleep on instead of on top of their food.

_DSC0005This is them during their first excursion to the outdoors. Their first taste of freedom! Their first taste of grass! They were frozen in fear for much of it, but they have since grown accustomed to their changing world.

Belle, Molly, and Emily are now nearly seven weeks old, which makes them officially pullets. We got our other three girls at eight weeks. We still have another maybe four weeks before we’ll be able to introduce them, but there has been some interIMAG0130action—namely beaks exploring through chicken wire and one notable eye poke. I can’t even imagine trying to keep track of all six of them as they free range around the yard in their little supervised visits to the compost heap.

Nonetheless, I do hope all six of them remain ladies. Supposedly we won’t be able to tell for sure for a few more weeks. At this point, there is nothing shiny or pointy about their feathers, and combs and waddles are all small and cute. None of them exerts a particularly commanding personality either, though Belle is certainly the most intelligent, brave, and personable. She will give Queen Mavis a run for her throne.